III.   Departmental Statement of Outcomes, Processes to Assess These Outcomes, and Assessment Results



Outcomes/Objectives                                                  Assessment                             Results


3.  Athletics promotes academic               Faculty Athletic Committee              Tutored 40 student                                                                            

     success of student athletes by               considered number subjects/             athletes in nine

     providing effective tutoring in a           students tutored & semester                 academic subjects.

     wide range of courses.                          grades. Result of student athlete       Successful course     

                                                                   tutoring/academic survey.                 completion for

                                                                   GPA’s, Academic Standing              subjects tutored.

                                                                   by Classification, & Graduation       GPA’s, Academic

                                                                   rates of student athletes.                   Standing, Graduation

                                                                                                                             rate higher for

                                                                                                                             student athletes vs.

                                                                                                                             general student




IV.       Example of How Department Used the Assessment of Goals and Outcomes

      to Change/Improve a Process



The athletic department realized that more useful information could be gathered to evaluate the effectiveness of the tutorial program and to make future decisions about the program.  Currently, we consider primarily whether a student athlete receiving tutoring successfully completes the course for which tutoring is needed.  Beginning fall, 2002, the department will consider several factors such as previous semester grade in a similar course, course grade at the time tutoring begins, subsequent test/assignment scores, and final grade in the course to assess the effectiveness of the tutorial program.  Beginning in the 2002-03 academic year, the athletic department and Faculty Athletic Committee also will consider the results of various university and NCAA reports such as GPA’s for student athletes, Academic Standing by Classification, and Graduation and Retention Rates to assess the academic tutorial program and the department’s adherence to the educational purpose of the university.