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Angela Langford

October 27, 2003 - Some athletes have the attitude that they should play one position and one position only. Not Angela Langford, who came to West Georgia specifically to be a hitter, but has turned into a strong libero in her senior season.

"When I was being recruited out of junior college, I could've gone to be a libero at a Division I school," Langford said. "But I came here because I love hitting and I wanted to be a hitter."

The senior began her volleyball career as a freshman at Evadale High School in Evadale, Texas. It didn't take her long to figure out that even though she played four sports, volleyball was where she belonged.

As a sophomore, Langford garnered All-District honors and was named All-District MVP for two of her high school years. In her junior season, Langford was named First-team All-State in Texas, a state nationally know to be a hotbed for volleyball talent.

Langford's accolades drew interest from Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas. In junior college, the honors kept coming, as she was named All-Metro Atlantic Conference both years as a Sun. Her sophomore year, Langford was 19th in the nation in kills, earning her All-America status for the National Junior College Athletic Association.

When West Georgia head coach Amy Draper offered Langford a scholarship to be a Brave and play outside hitter, Langford didn't hesitate to take it over an offer from Division-I Long Beach State to be a libero.

In her first season with the Braves, Langford found things much more difficult than with traditional junior college power Cedar Valley. "We were very young and inexperienced last season," Langford said. "With a new coach and basically a new program, it's tough to float in our conference."

Last season, the Braves won just two games, but had a stellar recruiting class that has come in and blossomed along with Langford, Stephanie Singleton, Greta Holmes and Katie Boyce, all holdovers from last year.

But, with the onset of a loose rotator cuff and the absence of a solid libero, Draper asked Langford to fill the void. "She's really the heart of our team and a tremendous team leader," Draper said. "She's taken the change in stride and when she's not on the court, we are a different team."

"I could've had surgery to repair the rotator cuff, but I would've missed my senior season," Langford said. So, she moved to libero, which is a position that complements her skills very well.

"I have a low center of gravity being as short as I am (5'8") and I read the court very well," Langford said. "I'm also a control player, which helps me to make better decisions on the court. I'd love to be hitting this year because hitting makes me happy, but I'm glad to contribute."

With just four games left on the schedule, next up for Langford is graduation in May. The marketing major plans to have a career in either marketing or coaching.