West Georgia vs Central Arkansas West Georgia 1 Central Arkansas 3

Nick Price 6-2 SO Hiram Hiram High School: Nick played in one of the top two draws during his high school years for

Tuskegee vs West Georgia Tuskegee 0 West Georgia 12 NCAA Box Score Game Play-by-Play Box Score

BOX SCORE FROM 11/30/05 6:30 West Georgia 62 Miles 49

West Georgia vs Lander West Georgia 3 Lander 0

BOX SCORE FROM 12/13/05 5:30 Miles 53 West Georgia 69

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Braves Basketball
The West Alabama Game!
West Georgia at West Alabama
Monday, January 16, 2006
women – 6:30 PM
Men – 8:30 PM

State University of West Georgia Braves

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